Instant Buttons

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Oh My Goat - Juego para iPhone y Android

Instant Buttons is an original soundboard, a unique collection of sounds effects based on instantsfun website. This app offers you a lot of funny sounds that you can quickly use anytime you need.

We have the most famous Internet memes (ComboBreaker, Falcon Punch, Khaaaaaaaaaaan, Rimshot or This is Sparta!), dialogues from your favorites TV series (Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother), the best videogames sounds effects (PacMan, Age Of Empires, Metal Gear, Star Fox...) and a lot more stuff. You'll love them all!. Instant Buttons includes all the sounds you need for a fun moment. We are also open to suggestions, so send us an e-mail with the sound you want and we may include it.

And if that's weren't enough, Instant Buttons lets you add any sound you like as a Widget to your desktop, so you can use it as fast as possible; set any sound as a ringtone, a notification or an alarm, save the sounds as favorites, hide the buttons you don' like...

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