Spin It!

Oh My Goat - Juego para iPhone y Android

Spin It! is a logic game that will test your brain's ability to solve puzzles.

Your goal in Spin It! is to make the tiles on every horizontal row have the same color. Nope, you needn't color the whole puzzle because the rows are checked independently.

The game includes a powerful panel editor, so you can create your own panels and share them with other Spin It! players. Yes, you can play the panels created by users too and keep a record those you have completed, rate them according to their difficulty and filter each panel so you can find only those who feature what you want. Additionally, Spin It! includes the ability to save panels locally on your phone so you can play anytime! When you reconnect, panels will automatically synchronize to keep you record.

Spin It! is a practically infinite game thanks to the editor and the players' ability to create more panels. It's time to retire your daily Sudoku!

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